Action Party 2​-​track Single

by Dr. Beam and The Semi-Acoustic Mayhem

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released July 11, 2011



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Dr. Beam and The Semi-Acoustic Mayhem Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Asking For Action
i'm grateful for you, tragedy
you hurricaned your waves, my sea
struggled sharks and mystery
sank sharp teeth...
crackled, crumbled in my mouth
i dreamed they all were falling out
dreamed of you and dreamed about
the way we didn't turn out

i analyze your eyeball smile
mouthing corners up for miles
you may be ok and while
for the best that's devestating
disappointment when i witness bliss that i can't give
i sleep alone even when in
arms and bones and strangers' skin

i watch your life
in pictures and words
a history blurred
it's sick and absurd
we do this to our bellies, torture
this gut-punch it cuts much more
when the glover is a lover not another passing distraction
i'm asking for action
passing distraction i'm asking for action
i'm asking for ass to distract from the past, man

pickled, briney, drink me fast
there's something sweet beneath the grass
something sweet beneath the tomb
beneath the womb
i am woman, hunt me swell
i have control of myself

i watch your life
i watch with these eyes
i watch your life
the life that used to be mine

we need something fake
to take away the ache
Track Name: Party Kids
cocaine for the eighties/now the past is back
what? with all the pale faces/everything looks black
whoever commits to this feeling/forces them to fall in line
laughing at the unfeeling party kids who march in time

the party kids they march in time

you be a distraction (execute plans, execute plans)
i'll be a slow learner (execute plans, execute plans)
then you rush inside her (nice to hold hands, nice to hold hands)

gettin' skinny on schedule/is easier than you would believe
her tongue tastes like metal/opens up, pours mercury
i'm a knight on a tall horse/delusional and kind of sick
i'm desperately tortured/trying to return a gift as

party kids they march in time
so nice inside